Shut ‘Um Down

With thanks to Pete Seeger

If you want corporate power to die,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
Support our folks in Occupy,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

It’ll make CEOs sad, I know,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
They love their power and money so,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

Profit is their only goal,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
While people are flushed down the hole,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

They’ve bought off Congress and both parties,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
But we’ll win them back, me hearties,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

There’s one thing I must confess,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
I’m really not a socialist,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

But I care more about all of us,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
Than a few individuals who make a fuss,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

The Supreme Court says they can use their billions
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
To buy elections and destroy the unions,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

Show Norquist, Rove and the brothers Koch,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
That were here to say and will not choke,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

For defense you need common sense,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
They don’t have the right armaments,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

The world needs teachers, books and schools,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
So let’s raise taxes on those greedy fools,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

So if you want corporate power to die,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.
Support the folks in Occupy,
Shut ‘em down, shut ‘em down.

3 from Kimlee

Kimlee Davis at Occupy Congress

I wrote this poem while Occupy Atlanta was still in Woodruff Park.
Then, I got to read it in front of the Capitol building in DC for Occupy Congress.

Poem One – January 20, 2012

to make a giant leap from the outdated.
We unite in solidarity to enact the people’s
It doesn’t matter about the color of your skin,
or what you believe to be a sin,
because it’s all about the being within
and the life you want to lead.

We the people have a dream
that one day you’ll hear our screams
and rip the seams of this delicate
cloth wrapped around our mouths unseen.

To end this plight and not go down without a
fight, we strip the greed from the creed and
finally sleep peacefully throughout the night.

We occupy here
because we’re sincere
about the things
that we hold dear,
and that is why we fight.
and that is why we fight.

Paradigm Pollution – January 23, 2012

A formula for success
is to address when you’ve been suppressed
with some finesse, and express
that we are tired of this mess!
When people like Monsanto
can be a head honcho
and sell you frankenseed cilantro,
you might want to get checked
And people like BP
can toxify the sea,
so you and me
can eat fish with not two eyes but three!
If corporations can be people
that steal our rights
and pollute the gene pool,
then can I be a corporation
and tug on the strings of this great nation?
by bringing evil acts into fruition
and buying up the politicians?
What’s my one solution?!
To pervert the Constitution!!
Let’s have a new year’s resolution
and end the paradigm pollution.

The REAL Citizens United – January 23, 2012

Yet, i confided, that the people united
will never be defeated, and if we’re clever
we won’t be cheated.
So let’s get heated!
Let history say that the one percent conceded,
and I repeated…
The people
united will never be
So let’s get heated!!
What do we demand?
To bask across the land, arm in arm and
hand in hand, as we take a stand for
and liberty for every man
woman, child, animal…
we CAN Evolve!
We refuse to be defiled and compiled into
Statistics, Let’s come back to what’s realistic,
and see if we can fix this.
This catastrophe of distraction and apathy.
So form a path with me and let’s create a
masterpiece. No more disaster, please!
No thanks!
Let’s quell all doubt. The banks got bailed out!
So, let’s young and old shout!
Because the People got sold out!
*And once again, I repeat it!
The people united will never be defeated!
I beg and plead it, and will occupy until
I bleed it.

A Fish Story for Occupiers (2/23/2012)

A goldfish
innocent as gold
pokes around and through and
shelters inside its tiny cramped castle
watching the silvery sky
for flakes of Manna to trickle down.

Doesn’t know when or why
just hopes the gods are feeling beneficent.

Patiently pass time little fish,
fan your little gills and wait
and trust as you always have.

The falling food flecks become fewer
and you wonder.

You have a very un-fishlike thought:
“Escape”, “Liberty”, “Give me liberty
or give me death.

Perhaps and yet just maybe there is life
and perhaps eternal life out there
outside my bubble
where the food comes from.”

You concentrate and become Superfish.
Your power wells up and you leap.

A goldfish
courageous as gold
flops and flips in the vastness
of the world beyond the fishbowl.
The tiny mouth saying, “oooo”
the gills grabbing in vain
for freshwater to breathe.

An arch of the back
a twist of the body
a last gasp and

Our goldfish being no more,
this poem should draw to a close.
But serious questions remain:

Who is the goldfish a metaphor for?
What does the bubble/fishbowl signify?
And flakes of Manna trickling down
from the silver sky is symbolic
of what?
What does this poem have to do
with Occupy?

At the start of our long march
there are more questions
than answers.

Chaos Is Just an Opportunity (2/20/2012)

Rat droppings in the pantry

a battered box of Wheaties

nothing on the table

crusted dishes in the sink.


A flowerpot.


Chaos in the living room

aunt and uncle in prolonged argument

brother head to head with brother

sister turns away and cries.


A sprout.


Some of the boys go badass

run away

form a gang

and vandalize.


A blossom.


Someone vacuums the carpet

scrapes the crud off the dishes

re-models the boys’ room

continues painting the house.


Twinkling fingers.

Lisa Fithian has arrived.


Inspired by the article “Professor Occupy” by Josh Harkinson in MOTHER JONES, March/April 2012

Occupy All Streets: a rap by Moss Henry

Occupy models an open democratic community. In that spirit, which I’m absolutely in tune with, I invite any poet to send me relevant material and I’ll post it.
Today I’m posting the work of singer/songwriter, Moss Henry. Here is a link to his website: Moss Henry.

Moss Henry

For those of us who are fed up with corporate control of the United States and the host of problems that go along with it, the Occupy Movement provides a way to make ourselves heard. I feel tremendous excitement and hope. This spoken-word piece, Occupy All Streets, is new territory for me but I hope you will find it powerful and relevant.

Listen to Moss rap Occupy All Street

1) The kids are coming from everywhere to occupy the streets

Confronting the bankers and brokers who are hiding in their fancy suites

They’re stakin’ out a territory for the ninety-nine percent

Who’ve been stabbed in the back by Wall Street and betrayed by the government

2) The kids made a list of why they’re pissed: unemployment, racism, war

Corporate control of everything, a system rotten to the core

Environmental destruction and those crushing student loans

Schools and healthcare broken down, foreclosures on people’s homes


The revolution will not be televised but it’s alive and kickin’ on-line

Forget FOX and the major networks, they’re way behind the times

It’s Facebook, You Tube and Twitter, videos, blogs and text

From cell phones, web-cams, laptops and who knows what’s comin’ next

The revolution is on its way, it’s comin’ to a city near you

Check your local listings for time and place and do what you have to do

Open your heart, open your mind, it’s time, it’s way past time

3) The desperately poor and the homeless are growin’ in every town

The middle class is sucking wind and it’s close to going down

Jobs are scarce and wages are low unless you sign up for the endless wars

But fighting and dying for the empire, that’s not what these kids are for

4) And the rich men hidden by glass and steel, would like to control the scene

So they call out their boys in uniform, the teeth of their machine

So many people speaking out now are gettin’ busted by the cops

Pepper-sprayed and slammed down hard but their voices will not be stopped


5) The world has been waiting for those of us who are living in the belly of the beast

To climb on board this train that started in the Middle East

Americans are wakin’ up, we’re tired of this ugly deal

With one percent livin’ like kings and queens, takin’ everything they can steal

6) So the kids just keep on coming, the poor, the unemployed

Those with hope for the future and a planet that’s not destroyed

Gay and straight, every color, young and old in the street

Democracy and justice on their lips and, man, the taste is sweet



Open your heart, open your mind, it’s time, it’s way past time, way past time, way past time…….

© Moss Henry 2011

Misdirection (2/17/2012)

Ships sinking in night
bilges bulging
with bilious avarice.

Clowns rush in
with bailing buckets
brimming with cash.

Keystone cops respond
by clearing
an occupied park.

Solving the Impossible (2/15/12)

Urgency all around

Wake up! No sleeping here!

Poppies offer deference
to a new day by doffing their caps

Their task is simple:
bring color.

Occupy folks
shout out ideas like popcorn

Squatting, renovating,
crowding, training,
caring, occupying

Their task is urgent:
bring radical change.

This was inspired by the Feb. 13 minutes of Occupy Santa Rosa’s
Mental Health and Social Services working group.

Elizabeth (2/11/12)

She slammed her fist
down upon the table,
a boulder in the little lake,
thundering shockwaves.

the applecart may be tipped over
the cats may be let out of the bag
the balloons might be popped

Someone calls out
Turn out the light,
the party’s over.

The revelers don’t want to stop
as they dance under the illusion
of doing God’s work.

A butterfly flutters by
a New York park –
a revolution happens
in America.

The ABCs of Occupy (2/11/12)

Alabaster Barricades
Chimerical Defenses
Ethereal Fortifications.

Go Home
Ingest Junkfood.

Kleptomaniac’s Leveraging Money.

Numberless Occupy Protesters
(Qua Revolutionaries)
Stand Together

Victorius! Wondrous!


(In case you need help translating the last three words, they are

“xenogenesis” – generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent

“yaff” – bark like a snarling dog

“zelotic” – in the nature of a zealot)

Shadows (2/8/12)

We worked hard to build it
sweat, tears even some blood.

We fed it and read to it
we cared for it like a new child.

Even though it was far
from finished we looked ahead.

The future was cloudless and clear
we hoped but we never knew.

Then the men with the masks
entered and surrounded our home.

Dressed in black, faces covered
with midnight intentions.

Yes, some were police,
they understood the implications.

But it was the Black Bloc  cutting away
that hurt us the most.

They burned, they broke
what could have blessed them as well.

Now the people aren’t sure
and the shadow of doubt is cast upon us.

But we work on and keep on building
even on overcast days.

This poem was inspired by the article “The Cancer in Occupy” by Chris Hedges in Nation of Change

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