Fat Men of Wall Street – by Joe Lamb

O fat men of Wall Street
why do you worship the Golden Calf?
Look how elegantly the blackbirds
feast on earthworms
gathered in your cemetery.

Do It Now!

Go ahead, be brave, be bold
you have nothing to lose
and much to gain
like better schools
and better roads
and safer bridges
and safer levees
and nationwide high-speed Internet
and balanced budgets for the states.

So what are you waiting for?
Pull the trigger.
Put the hammer down
Throw the shoes.
Do it now, don’t hesitate.

You won’t hear their cries
for mercy.
They’ll fill your ears with American bromides
like we shouldn’t punish success,
they worked hard to earn it,
they are the job creators.

They won’t hear your voice either
your messenger is already
living comfortably in their pocket.

I know your hand is trembling
you know they will be pissed as hell
and they are dangerous when they’re mad.

But we outnumber them 99 to 1.

Raise taxes on the rich.

Rich Man’s World ~ a song by Moss Henry

Moss Henry

Listen to Rich Man’s World

A) Rich men in a darkened room
Making plans to fuel the corporate boom
Flowers of evil begin to bloom in a rich man’s world
They’ll dam the rivers and cut the trees
Drag the fish out of the seas
Drill for oil wherever they please, in a rich man’s world

B) It’s not for the money, not the fame
They want the power, the rush of the game rich man’s world

C) Power is the key to the game
Power is the lock and the chain
Power is the heat of a flame that destroys in a rich man’s world

A) They’d like to make a better bomb
Than the ones we used in Vietnam
They make good money selling arms in a rich man’s world
Poison pours from the factories
Into the water, out on the breeze
And if they bring this planet to its knees
It’s not a garden to tend, it’s a sponge to squeeze in a rich man’s world
Repeat B and C

The Morality Tale of Three Bears

Once upon a time there were three bears snoozing the winter away
in their safe and secure caves. During their somnolence they each had the same dream. They were running to the top of a mountain to see what they could see. See, the valley in which they lived had fewer salmon every year. Even in their slumber they were hungry.

When they awoke they each poked their noses out of their caves, stretched, yawned, sniffed and looked at the high mountain in front of them. Then each bear headed for the hills.

The first bear ambled leisurely up the trail and soon came to a beautiful meadow with succulent grasses, blossoms and insects to eat. The first bear stretched out in the sunlight and forgot about the mountain.

The second bear took off like he had been shot out of a cannon. The second bear wanted to be the first to reach the top and be Alpha Bear. Reaching the top first, the bear tipped over and died of exhaustion.

The third bear started at a reasonable clip and in a reasonable time came to the summit. The third bear looked out over the vista and saw, first, the other side of the mountain then, second, the lush valley below and, finally, even higher peaks on the other side. But in the green valley he saw something that made him shiver. Men were gathering with guns and Plexiglas shields and visored helmets and teargas canisters and pepper spray bottles and walkie-talkies. Behind them others were building a giant dam and greedily taking the salmon out for themselves.

The third bear’s head shook in disbelief, sadness and defeat. Just then there was a growing rumble coming from behind. The bear looked around and saw thousands of creatures running to the mountaintop. There were other bears, wolves, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, clouds of birds of all kinds, snakes and even a dark swarm of angry bees. There were even gathering storm clouds and bolts of lightning. It looked as if 99% of nature had come for an apocalyptic showdown with the men below.

Moral(s) of the story: Take your time, pace yourself. Realize that the forces against you are formidable and will not give up without a bloody fight. But with the enduring forces of nature behind, the 99% will prevail.

Elizabeth (2/11/12)

She slammed her fist
down upon the table,
a boulder in the little lake,
thundering shockwaves.

the applecart may be tipped over
the cats may be let out of the bag
the balloons might be popped

Someone calls out
Turn out the light,
the party’s over.

The revelers don’t want to stop
as they dance under the illusion
of doing God’s work.

A butterfly flutters by
a New York park –
a revolution happens
in America.

The ABCs of Occupy (2/11/12)

Alabaster Barricades
Chimerical Defenses
Ethereal Fortifications.

Go Home
Ingest Junkfood.

Kleptomaniac’s Leveraging Money.

Numberless Occupy Protesters
(Qua Revolutionaries)
Stand Together

Victorius! Wondrous!


(In case you need help translating the last three words, they are

“xenogenesis” – generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent

“yaff” – bark like a snarling dog

“zelotic” – in the nature of a zealot)

What Rhymes with Pie?

Republicans recoil in horror at the mere mention of raising taxes, any taxes ever. They all give the same tired reason, “We can’t raise taxes on the job creators.” Recently they have adjusted that soundbite to, “We can’t raise taxes on small business.” I guess they figured “job creators” was just a bit too abstract. But “small business” is right up there with mom and apple pie. As it turns out however whether you referred to job creators or invoke the all American small business, the whole thing is probably a hallucination from the fertile mind of Frank Luntz (see my post of December 2 ). You could say that bit of spin is right up there with mom, apple pie and big lie.

Listen to this intriguing piece of investigative reporting by NPR:


We Can’t All Be Perfect

On December 5 I posted a piece about Occupy Santa Rosa talking with the president and CEO about reinstating the Doyle scholarship for students wanting to attend Santa Rosa Junior College. A local bank helping out local kids. I said, “The banks books were in danger due to the overextension in home loans. That was a simplification AND IT WAS WRONG.

New information has come to my attention via a letter to the editor in the local press Democrat from Sharon Rooney in Windsor. She states that the Exchange Bank received

$43 million from the taxpayers in December 2008 and that it has not repaid a single penny. I wonder if he knows that just over 50 percent of the bank’s ownership is the Doyle Trust — set up to provide local scholarships. Unfortunately, the caretakers of that trust, not content with the returns they were getting by lending locally, made risky loans to developers in distant markets of which they had little understanding.

That $43 million of taxpayers’ money is equivalent to 35 year’s worth of Doyle scholarships. Maybe Exchange can release some of our tax money to fund the trust they squandered.

Way to go, Sharon. The 99% (especially those in Sonoma County) salute you.

This points out that we are at a disadvantage when talking to an “expert”. That person can say anything and we have to accept it without knowing all the background. Maybe it’s important to do rigorous homework before talking to a bankster.

Let’s See If This Will Stick

One of the great things about Occupy is that nobody really knows for sure so we all take ideas and throw them against the wall and see what sticks. If your idea falls off then just grab another handful.

I’m reaching into my bucket of ideas right now. Here it comes:

An Amendment to the United States Constitution

The name of The United States shall be changed to

The Commonwealth of the United States

I’ll explain. The preamble to the Constitution already says

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish
Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the
general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The English noun commonwealth in the sense meaning “public welfare; general good or advantage” dates from the 15th century. The original phrase “the common-wealth” or “the common weal” (echoed in the modern synonym “public weal”) comes from the old meaning of “wealth,” which is “well-being.” The term literally meant “common well-being.” In the 17th century the definition of “commonwealth” expanded from its original sense of “public welfare” or “commonweal” to mean “a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people; a republic or democratic state.” (Ripped from Wikipedia)

It doesn’t say so in the Constitution but this is a Capitalist nation. Everyone knows that the purpose of Capitalism is the accumulation of wealth. This is also becoming an increasingly individualistic society so that individuals actually believe that any money they have belongs to them and to them only.

With this simple name change making this a Commonwealth we are saying that any money generated within the borders of this country or by a citizen of this country or a legally constituted corporation BELONGS TO THE UNITED STATES IN COMMON.
After the Commonwealth is provided for (education, health care, old age, unemployment, infrastructure needs) then the wealth goes to the individual.

We could actually say that after monies are set aside for the common wealth that we would have no further need of TAXES. Then everyone would be happy?

Now let’s see if this sticks.

Got Questions?

A citizen, probably one of the 99%, ask these questions about Santa Rosa Occupiers and the letter to the editor in our local paper. Ok, I’ll take the test. Here are my answers:

Are they employed at all?

They are either employed and have worked out some arrangement to be free to occupy or they are unemployed in which case they have a personal reason to protest the economic injustice on the part of the financial industry that has led to thousands being without jobs. They also have a beef with the corporate profiteers over the “free-trade” agreements that have sent so many jobs overseas.

Are they receiving social assistance of any form — unemployment, Medi-Cal, welfare, food stamps or WIC (Women, Infants and Children) funds?

So what? Does receiving social assistance disqualify a person from expressing First Amendment rights?

Are they students receiving grants or tuition assistance?

Again, so what? As long as they are keeping up with their class work they have a right to voice their opinions. When a student receives financial assistance they don’t sign away their rights as citizens.

Where does their food come from?

From generous donations from individuals, stores and restaurants who support the cause. And, do we assume that all the protesters are penniless and can’t buy food?

Who is paying the Occupy organizers to organize?

This is not the Tea Party.

Where did they come from? Are they locals or transients from some other location?

Who cares where they come from? They are all Americans.

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